Dedicated Truckload

The Buffalo Group provides logistics services in North America. Established in 1994 we have grown not just in size but also in stature as a fast growing company. Our expertise is exceptional in ensuring the well-oiled operation of supply chain of our customers. We constantly evolve with the industry and become adept to the changes far ahead from the competition. With the backing of state-of-the-art technology we keep our customers in the know of up to the minute status of their supply chain status. Our IT department, Dispatch, Safety & Compliance and Account Managers use sophisticated tools and software to make each day productive and profitable for us and our customers alike. Our commitment to strong work ethics is instrumental in strengthening our relationship with our customers and suppliers. We are FAST (Free And Secure Trade) and CSA (Customs Self-Assessment) approved.

Less Than Truckload

The Buffalo Group has a fleet of resources dedicated to supporting your less than truckload needs. Whether you require 1 skid or 1/2 a trailer of freight moved, The Buffalo Group has the capability to meet your deadlines while maintaining competitive rates.


The Buffalo Group has an experienced team of in-house professionals and drivers that can meet all of your truckload requirement needs. Whether it is inbound, outbound, domestic, or international, we can help you get your truckload freight to you or your customers at the right place, at the right time, for the best price.


The Buffalo Group is capable of overnight or same day service regardless of the size of shipment. Our customer service team will track your load along the way and ensure it is constantly in motion to guarantee your targets are met.


The Buffalo Group offers a multitude of trucking and transportation solutions for our customers. Call us today to get your quote or to discuss your specific needs.


The Buffalo Group has the capability to interface with your companies EDI requirements. Allowing us to send/receive shipment order data and/or update order status via electronic interface. Let us know your specific needs and we can tailor a solution that works for you.


The Buffalo Group has the ability to utilize multiple modes of transportation to reduces cargo handling, improve security, reduces damages and loss, and transport your freight faster.